About Me

Being of “practical” Chinese descent, I listened to the indisputably sensible advice “art will not buy you rice to eat”, sternly delivered, and resolutely packed away my pencils and paints. Instead earning a CPA and working for a Big 4 accounting firm, despite receiving numerous art awards and requests for my drawings since immigrating from Hong Kong to the U.S. with my family when I was 8.

My career change resulted from the bouts of debilitating depression and anxiety I suffered after my husband of 19 years, Max, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011, then colon cancer in 2014. There were many dark days when I could summon neither the energy nor reasons to get out or bed or do much of anything. My recovery began when I wrote my book “My Husband Has Cancer!”, a cathartic account of my decline into, and start of emergence from the darkness. It was my rekindled passion for art and drawing that finally lifted me out of depression.

Strangely, in crisis, sometimes you attain a clarity that does not exist in everyday living. Drawing was the only thing that truly engaged me and brought happiness and fulfillment.

My philosophy now is to be happy and laugh more. I’ve come to realize that the more I am actively grateful for, the happier I am. If you think about it, with lack of appreciation comes lack of enjoyment, and how can you be happy if you don’t enjoy anything? As for the laughter, my daughter cracks me up, to tears, because I truly appreciate her crazy sense of humor.

I live in the suburbs of Washington DC with my husband Max, now cancer-free, 15-year old daughter Kendall, alternately my pride and joy and bane of my existence, and Shiba puppy, Turbo.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, working out, writing and cooking–with an emphasis on Chinese and Italian food.

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