Coloring Book Meets Self-Help Book

I am so very excited to announce that my third book will hit the market in a few days!! Color Everyday Great is a coloring book for grownups featuring 25 hand drawn delightful images along with uplifting quotes to promote optimism, happiness, relaxation and good feelings.

The fulfillment I feel when people comment on how my books have helped them is immeasurable. I find their praise both gratifying and humbling. Color Everyday Great took far longer than anticipated, which may have had something to do with our vacations in Tahoe last year. We fell so in love with the breathtaking scenery, glorious weather and warm Nevadans, that we “rashly” signed a contract for a new house in the area during our second vacation there, sold our home in DC after a manic flurry of pre-sale activities, and left the East Coast — home for my entire adult life. I still haven’t completely gotten used to the idea that we did something so seemingly impetuous, but in reality, a lot of thought and discussion went into that decision. People who have heard the story thought what we did was very cool. The cross-country move has been revitalizing and rejuvenating–a sort of rebirth. We traded the hectic rush, congestion, politics, smog and unbearably oppressive summers for a much simpler and tranquil lifestyle that is closely connected to nature. Particularly now, gazing out at the stunning vista of magnificent snow-capped mountains while writing this, I’m indescribably glad that we followed our hearts.

So, after publishing 2 books, I pondered the direction my third book would take and contemplated many different scenarios. The first book, My Husband Has Cancer, is a chronicle of how I extricated myself with daily affirmations from the profound, black depression that took over my life for years after my husband of 20 years was diagnosed with two types of cancer between 2011 and 2014; the second, Exhale — is a coloring book for adults featuring cheerful and uplifting images. Many people have remarked on how the affirmations book My Husband Has Cancer helped them through challenges, and how the coloring book Exhale eased their tension and stress while buoying their spirits. A vague idea was starting to form, and after much pondering and contemplation, I thought, why not combine the first two books? Why not create an adult coloring book that also includes positive and motivating quotes?

I’m proud to present Color Everyday Great! available soon on Amazon & other book retailers.

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