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Coloring Challenges and Competitions

I am sure you are aware of the adult coloring movement that has been sweeping the country, if you’re not already a part of it. While the adult coloring craze continues to gain new followers at an astonishing rate, a new phenomenon is emerging—coloring challenges and competitions. Yes, there are some very serious and intense colorists (sounds a little strange, doesn’t it? Especially when I think back to my childhood box of 10 crayons and coloring pages printed on brown paper) out there. While coloring competitions have always been popular, until very recently, they have been held only for children. Now, competitive events are frequently taking place among coloring groups on social media and coloring clubs. Libraries and websites are also sponsoring these events. In some cases, competitors are permitted to use whatever medium, or any combination thereof. Others place restrictions on what can be used. I am truly stunned and humbled by colorists’ creations, which range from vibrantly breathtaking to sublime, ethereal and delicate. It is not just about staying inside the lines anymore, although that itself can be daunting, as there are some coloring books that feature incredibly intricate designs with minute details. Many colorists spend hours layering, shading, blending, texturizing and using various other techniques to create spectacular art. I can’t begin to fathom how difficult the judges’ job must be. What next — Iron Colorists? Coloring with the Stars?

Fun Fact: The mantis shrimp has sixteen types of color-receptive cones, compared to the three that human beings have: green, blue and red. With just three color-receptive cones, the human eye is able to see all the colors that we do, can you imagine the spectrum of colors that is visible to the mantis shrimp? Even more amazing, the shrimps’ little limbs move so quickly that they can boil the water around them, and at a mere four inches for most species, they can crack aquarium glass with their punch!!

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