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Ever feel stuck? Here are some of the ways I deal with it. A positive mind frame has been known to foster and encourage creativity, researchers have found. And it is easy to get your mind to that good place, a few minutes of brisk exercise, reading a few comics to make you laugh, hugging a loved one, thinking of a loved one and recalling fond memories – the more vividly you visualize this, the better. Music is another creativity enhancer, there is evidence that listening to music outside of your usual genre is even more effective. Ask others for their ideas and opinions, chances are they’ll provide a perspective or approach that you haven’t even considered, and will spark more ideas. Let your mind wander, daydream and think about something completely different from your current objective. Spacing out for a few minutes has been shown to be very beneficial for arriving at creative solutions. Start a new hobby, very different from your existing ones. For example, if you’re an avid skier, try knitting, or cooking…doing novel things is associated with creativity. Go run around the block a few times, don’t bother changing, using the ultra-simple but profoundly powerful words of Nike’s slogan — just do it. The spontaneity will free your mind, I did this in my robe, and my neighbors laughed, but I laughed harder, it was a great release of inhibitions and yes, it worked. Go to sleep or take a nap. Sleep rejuvenates the body, mind and spirit, and the break from constantly fretting over an issue brings a clarity to help you to achieve a better solution sooner. Some of this may seem counter-intuitive. If you’re faced with a non-movable deadline, how can you possibly “waste” time exercising and napping? But, as a CPA specializing in providing tax services for high net worth individuals before my illustration and writing career (I am still current with my license, the tax work gives my mind a whole new workout from drawing and writing), I am all too familiar with absolute deadlines. I can tell you that a 30-minute break can do wonders.

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