Don’t Quit

Never Give Up

To say that I hate football would be giving far too much credit to my level of interest in the sport, I merely never wasted any thought on it. Watching waves and masses of bodies crashing against each other, seemingly with little planning, coordination or skill did not appeal to me. The helmet-clanging, bone-cracking brutality of the game left me appalled. The constant start and stop of the plays, with long breaks in between, completely bored me even when I tried hard to learn to understand and like it (at the time, I was working as a CPA at a Big 4 accounting firm where one of the primary client development activities was taking potential clients to Redskins games).

Super Bowl LI, Tom Brady and the Patriots changed my dismal view of the sport in a few brief moments. By now, you know that the Patriots created history by being the first team to have won the Super Bowl five times; and that they came back after being down by an unprecedented 19 points.

My husband, Max, was watching the game. At the end of the third quarter, he looked so crestfallen and nearly in tears that I knew his beloved Patriots were floundering. Perhaps floundering is too mild a word, more like—sucking. It was looking so bleak and hopeless that even my teen girl, who was watching with Max, gave up on the game and left. She sounded so disgusted that, after a short while, I wandered back toward the TV and asked Max what the score was, because he loves football & I try to sound like I care. So stunned was I that the Patriots managed to score 19 points within in a matter of minutes that I stayed to watch a little more. With seconds left, the Patriots scored a touchdown & two-point conversion to tie the score 28/28, and the game went into overtime.

Rather than seeing a jumble of bodies, I now see an intricately choreographed dance in which every element was performed to perfection, in perfect timing and unison between the players. The acrobatic prowess and cohesiveness of the team members awed me. I was incredibly inspired and motivated by the indomitable spirit, laser-sharp focus, determination, mental and physical fortitude, and never-give-up mentality of the Patriots, particularly Tom Brady.

I thought, what if we all apply some Tom Brady to our lives? Just a little would go a long way.

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