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My Husband Has Cancer!

My Husband Has Cancer!: My Journey to Hell and Back is a deeply inspiring, intensely personal, moving and funny book. When the author’s husband was diagnosed with prostate, then colon cancer, she faced insurmountable adversity, and plunged to the deepest depths of depression and despair. After a particularly low period, she realized she still had the ability to choose: to shut down or to rally, to fight or to surrender. The battle of, and for her life was on.

Uplifting, with profoundly moving narratives of overcoming extreme anxiety and fears, My Husband Has Cancer! helps others facing similar circumstances cope by sharing starkly intimate details of her struggle for hope. She lets you know that you are far from alone.

Ting Peterson shows how to tap into the unlimited powers of the mind to reduce negativity and instill optimism with positive thinking and daily affirmations, as well as suggestions for additional coping mechanisms. She gently urges us to realize that it is our perceptions and reactions to negative events, not so much the events themselves that are the true cause of distress. Finally, we are reminded that no matter how dark and hopeless everything seems, we still have much to be grateful for.

Whether you, too, are facing dire challenges, threatened by potentially devastating circumstances, or just want to be happier and more relaxed, this book was written with you in mind.

What reviewers are saying: “a true inspiration”, “loved”, “a great source of empowerment”, “really enjoyed this”, “restore your strength”, “you will certainly cry and at times you will laugh”, “will, without a doubt, assist with the healing process”.

Ting is on a mission to make the world a happier and brighter place.

You will learn to:
▸ Break the worry habit for a more relaxed life
▸ Attain serenity
▸ Be kind to yourself
▸ Reduce Your Fears
▸ Conquer Anxiety

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