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Positive Thinking

The 2006 movie, The Secret, introduced many of us to The Law of Attraction, which instantly gained millions of followers. The essential idea of the film is that, as I understand it, everything is energy (and I don’t even pretend to begin to comprehend the explanation given by quantum physicists), so by having a positive mindset, thinking positively, thus surrounding oneself with positive energy, one would be able to “manifest” results. “Like attracts like”. Sounds too good to be true? I think it is. Ultimately, as Oprah Winfrey says, you must take responsibility for yourself. In the words of the immortal Dusty Springfield, “Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’…Plannin’ and dreamin’” will yield no results. To see results, you must take action. While the movie’s claims have generated much controversy and criticism, the fundamentals, I believe, are sound. Yes, I absolutely believe, indisputably, that those with a receptive, positive mindset will be able to manifest more, but I also know, intuitively, that sitting around immersing yourself in positive thoughts and affirmations (I am fairly familiar with affirmations, as I’ve written a book — My Husband Has Cancer!: My Journey to Hell and Back) is not going to bring about results. If you are open and receptive because of your positive mindset, what you reap will be exponentially greater than if you are closed-off and filled with negativity. Without going into anything more mystical, it just makes sense that having a positive frame of mind would bring about the energy for more productivity, thus, deliver better and more results. I am a big fan of positive thinking, positive affirmations and visualization to aid in achieving goals and succeeding in life’s endeavors. I applaud the film, for there is far too much negativity in the world, and being positive could not possibly harm anyone. However, I also feel that the film offers false hope to those who did not understand the subtle underlying message — that you’re ultimately responsible for yourself … don’t expect things to manifest themselves.

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