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Published My First Coloring Book For Adults

Sooooo…., I just published a coloring book, Exhale: Breathe, Color, Relax … Dream, right? That was a far more difficult endeavor than I could have imagined—not so much with the inspiration and execution, but, oddly, the coloring part. A little background—I grew up the youngest of six in Hong Kong, and practical and frugal Chinese did not spend money frivolously, so I had, maybe one box (extremely well-maintained so that they’ll last to pass down generations to come, have I mentioned frugal?) containing 10 or 12 crayons. Fast forward unspecified years, I refuse to divulge the exact number, and I am left with a horrific array of castoffs from my daughter, from Crayola to Prismacolor, with no representation of many colors, and triplicates of many of the ghastliest ones. I had worked as a successful CPA for many years with the most prestigious Big 4 and National CPA firms, and married an IT expert, so money was not an issue (there was never extra money, but when is there? There may be additional money, but extra is such a silly word when it comes to money, but “starvin’ artist livin” on a shoestring” I was most emphatically not). So what does a practical Asian woman do? Why, she will “make do” with what she has. As I started coloring my drawings, because I would never release anything without testing it, I “made do” with the most nauseating and discordant combination of colors. I despaired, thinking, ugh, who in their right mind would want something like this? Then I had an epiphany: this is art, there is no right, no wrong. Art is vision, imagination and expression. Art should be allowed to be discordant, as Igor Stravinsky’s classic “The Rite of Spring” is celebrated because of its discordance. So, too, should art. Guess I’m a sellout, ultimately, I was not so frugal with coloring pencils, markers, etc. Now all I have to do is figure out how to use them, how to not “make do”.

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