Tomato Paste in a Tube

amore double concentrated tomato paste in a tube Sometimes the most brilliant ideas are the simplest ones. How many times have you opened a can of tomato paste, use a tablespoon or two for pasta sauce, refrigerate the rest, only to throw it out weeks later because you can’t find another use for it? Such a terrible waste. Amore Double Concentrated tomato paste to the rescue, it comes in a toothpaste type tube, which is sealed to preserve freshness. The tube allows you to squeeze out just what you need, recap and pop it back in the refrigerator. It seems to have infinite shelf-life, I’m still using a tube I opened over a year ago, with no discernible change in flavor. It is just as fresh as when I first opened it. Now for the most important question: is it good? Bold, vibrant, rich and zesty, it is the essence of ripe tomatoes and imparts an unmistakably authentic Italian flavor to your dishes. It is probably the best I’ve ever had. American’s Test Kitchen, the definitive culinary show, gave it a thumbs up.

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